SOCAL - 12/1/06 - KINOD this week only @ Integrated Performance

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Hector Colmenares has invited us to hold KINOD this week at his shop in Gardena (near 110/91).

He says in his post below that any time after 5:30 is OK.

Let's say we're "officially" there during our regular 8-10 pm and if you can make it earlier, fine.

Integrated Performance
115 E. Gardena Blvd. #3 (down alley at very end)
Gardena, CA 90248
310-532-4040 Office
323-967-1446 Hector Office Manager
310-908-8124 Alex Shop Foreman

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Dang, that's like 5 minutes from my house, but is everyone else okay with this Mr. Shotcaller? :-k
If we have a big enough following, I'm down for Gardena. Much closer than City of Industry....
Since I live in Torrance I'm down. I can lead the group over to the closest In N Out after if you guys still need your fix.
Since I live in Torrance I'm down. I can lead the group over to the closest In N Out after if you guys still need your fix.
mmmm I-N-O mmmmmmmmmmm =D>
Oh and yeah I'll try to make it out there. #-o
I'll come out for this too. My tires came early. What time? Regular Kinod time?
yea ill be going too cause i got nothing else better to do.

Hey bill ask hector what time the meet should be. Don't forget to be considerate to those who have school and work. :)

Hey guys sorry for the short notice, but if it's to short of a notice let me know what's more convenient for everybody, if you guys want to make it next week let me know no problem. By the way we'll have coffee and donuts and the time everybody let me know, but it must be after like 5:30 so that all the other shops are leaving. You know parking limited. were also putting some items on sale so if you need anything it's going to be discounted. and many thanks for everybody that showed up for the grand opening. Sorry I wasn't here but something important came up< but I promise to be here or the parts purchased on friday are on me.Hope to see everyone here. and have a good day.
i'll bring my yellow fever.
I think the normal KINOD/HP FRIDAY time of 8pm would be prefect.

And parts at discounted prices? Shoot, I might be down for some chassis braces. Do you guys take card? :)
hope to see everyone! :)

u take visa for them parts? :)
shii, tell me you don't carry parts for the mazdaspeed.

or my savings may not be so much of a savings anymore
this sounds like something worth showing up for
BTW i can't figure out your website... do you guys have one?
OT: Hey look what just opened up in Manila! Damn I'm dizzy from all the donuts I ate :lol:

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