SOCAL - 12/16-17/06 - D1 Grand Prix @ Irwindale, CA

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"The House of Drift"
December 16th and 17th Irwindale Speedway
2006 D1 Grand Prix Series Final Round 8 & D1GP World All Star 06 Final

Dec 13, (Wed) Open Practice
Dec 14, (Thu) Driver Search
Dec 15, (Fri) Qualify Day
Dec 16, (Sat) 2006 D1Grand Prix Series Final Round 8
Dec 17, (Sun) World All Star 06 FINAL

We better get tix if we're going to get into this.

Even drag racers are drifting now!

Stephan Papadakis
Honda S2000 (AP1) AEM
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im down to go! We can roll up in roadsters! ^_^
I'm there for sure! Too bad Pap can't handle a car when he has to change directions... lol.
Which day(s) are the coolest to go?
I'm definitely going. Sundays is race day, so that is the best day to go. Saturday is qualifying.
I'll be there in the photo pit I hope. gotta send in my media stuff soon.
Which day(s) are the coolest to go?
I have finals that week so the weekend is bitchin'. Plus it's when they hangin' it our the most. :mrgreen:
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