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Calimesa Brian will be swishing over on Sat. for a fender rolling, so I thought, "Great excuse for an End-of-Year Mini Tech Day!"


Map to Garage MiataRoadster:

Time: 10-4

RSVP: [email protected]

So, come one, come all, let's roll up our sleeves, wrench on our girly cars, and make believe that we're "real" men (at least for a couple of hours)!




we'll have a gay ol' time!

(Shoulder rubs after a hard day's work are optional...)


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Just to let you guys know, parking is pretty darn tight. AND there are speed bumps for all you slammed mofos. Peter and Paul cannot get their cars in Bill's place at all.
Parking is usually wide open on weekend days.

Also, I plan to set up wooden speed bump ramps especially for Peter, Paul, Andrew, Tam, and anyone else who needs them.

I am not kidding!


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Do you need us to bring anything? Tools, food... etc ?

I've been wanting to check out Subesports for a while which is right around the corner from your place. Are there any other notable tuner shops/stores near by?
A million of 'em, but I doubt any are open on a Saturday of a long holiday weekend.
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