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SOLD to Carmax!

I am selling my 07 Mazda MX-5 Miata Touring with 98k miles.

This is a one owner car that would make an excellent track car. It started out as an automatic transmission and it was converted to a 6-speed manual. The reason I say that it would make a great track car is because the speedo doesn't work and the engine light is on from the transmission swap. The retractable hardtop does not work either. Everything else on the car is in great working condition.

The price is $8800 firm and if I don't sell it by this Tuesday evening then I'm selling it to Carmax. I can show the car in Mission Viejo or Riverside. I am selling it because I already have 2 other Miatas. Here are some of the pros and cons.

Clean title
Runs perfectly
Harddog roll bar
Fidanza lightweight flywheel
Bilstein shocks from the suspension package
K&N Air filter
Plenty of tread on all season tires

Engine light is on because there is no communication with the auto transmission (you will need a nice smog guy to pass this car)
Hardtop light blinks constantly
Speedometer does not work but can be replaced with something like a Speedhut GPS speedo
Open diff.
Hood has been repainted

I can throw in a set of Koni Yellow Sport Shocks with 20k miles on them for $500 and a Roadstersport Race Single Exhaust for $100.

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