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So as a KINOD regular, I've witnessed the lessening of attendence at the the weekly KINOD. And I wanted to bring up this discussion of what us all SoCal folks should do? The lack of attendence and/or growth of the meets could be because we have it every week. And we've been seeing pretty much the same faces, except for a few new people that drop by to see what this KINOD stuff is really about. With the coming of colder weather, we have to think if we really want to stand out in the Southern California chilly nights during the duration of the autumn and summer. So we have a few options.

1. Postpone the meets for the winter
2. Continue having meets every week like usual
3. Hold meets bi-monthly
4. Hold meets once a month

Those are the few I can think of now, this of course, is all completely up for discussion. How can we also have our attendence grow? Can we relocate so that LA, OC and also SD folks can all come? Discuss folks.

Also, I believe we should make some effort so we, the West Coasters, should get into a future issue of Road&Ster so all the East Coasters don't get all the glory. :twisted:

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Well, maybe changing the location might help increase attendance but who knows. That is one of the reasons i am not there every week, it is about a 45min to an hour drive for me. That is a good point about the weather too. maybe we could plan the meets in different locations, some could be indoors like that K1 speed meet, what ever happened to that. The problem is there is not too many good driving spots so we could maybe do a bi-monthly thing where one meet is a drive and the other is just a meet or something fun like go carts. One thing about decreasing the number of meets is that people may forget there is a meet, which is more difficult to do if it is every friday.

just throwing ideas and opinions out there.

Thanks for taking the initiative on this, Linh!

I suggest we have meets on weekend(s) during the daytime hours, when it's not cold!

Then we could not only hard park and eat, but also do some cool drives like the one I proposed for the Malibu area (that STILL no one has stepped forward to coordinate...)

As far as location, by far the best turnout we ever had was at Super Autobacs, in North O.C.

I've set up a poll to determine where people are coming from:

This will be interesting...


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Roadster Dave, you hit it right on the nail.

Its not fun driving 40+ minutes at night on a freeway full of bumps/holes.

I've only been to 1 meet, the (3rd one scheduled) only because it always starts/ends at night (8PM-1AM). (...Just not used to going and staying out so late.)

Also, I'm more used to the weekend, day-time meets.
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