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This is a great 1994 Miata. It has just over 200,000 miles on it and runs and drives great. Plenty of power still. The clutch holds good. The brakes are all in newer condition. I have had this car since 2016. I am selling to buy my daughter who is about to turn 16 a car. I love it but she has to go. This is an enthusiast car. Not for my teenage daughter. It is RWD and Manual with a suspension and needs to be driven as such.

The previous owner replaced some rusty panels. There is currently no rust on the car. They welded in new panels and painted but the paint job is not great. No rust though.

There is a small leak in the top on the passenger side at the seam where it folds. It is not adjusted correctly and I have been unsuccessful in adjusting it myself. I have a top cover that covers the top portion of the car that I use when it is stored outside so no water leaks in. It is a very nice tight fitting canvas cover.

The drivers door card/interior panel needs love or replaced. Replaced in my opinion but maybe someone has magic up their sleeve that I don't

MeisterR Zeta CDR+ Suspension - Fully adjustable racing series - Rides great on the street when set to full soft. You can adjust in oversteer or understeer if you want to. There are knobs at the top of the shock towers. When running autocross I would just set the fronts to full and 5 or 10 down on the rears to pull some oversteer out. The car is setup to meet SCCA Street Roadster class.

Yokohama AD08R 200 treadwear tires 205/50-15 practically new
Avid 1 15x7 wheels
Racing Beat cat back exhaust system - Sounds great
Custom 3d Printed cold air intake - No cutting of any metal to make this work
New timing belt
New battery
Needs new oil pressure sender. I have the replacement part and the correct tool to do it but have not replaced it. It's an expensive part. I may be able to do this before the sale.
Only used Rotella synthetic oil
Stainless steel brake lines
New rotors
New Stoptech brake pads
Pentosin High Temp Brake Fluid
Timing advanced - must run premium fuel or reset timing back to stock
New speedo cable
New instrument cluster hood
Has a subwoofer behind the passenger seat and a detachable face Bluetooth radio. Not a great sound system but it plays music.
Airbag system disabled due to faulty module
Paint is not great

Carfax at

Please ask any questions. PM me or ask here. Text or Call 317-296-3577

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