Some Pictures from Drift Fury

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Nice shade of gold's very own DropTopDrifter

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Cool pix :) Is there an event scheduled for December? Might have to come and hang wit you guys.
sweet pics, I wonder how much hp that bmw is putting out
There probably will not be another event there for awhile. A photographer got hit by a 240 in the afternoon. I think insurance is an issue now!!!!
yeah, i've seen that floating around a few places. :shock: Might take up watching it on the blue wall :lol:
Cool pix :) Is there an event scheduled for December? Might have to come and hang wit you guys.
yeah, our own event on december 17 @ the nmb speedway in south carolina. CCR will be there and a couple of other big teams.

Come join us for our final event of 2006 at Myrtle Beach Speedway in Myrtle Beach, SC, on Sunday, December 17.

This will be a practice event with a mini-comp at the end of the day, fun runs to follow. Prize purse to depend upon # of entrants.

A few things to note about our events.

The cost to run all day is just $50.00

Helmets MUST be worn by all drivers and passengers

TANDEM is permitted, no special vehicle requirements. However, use your discretion and DRIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS

you WILL get runs here, bring tires. Air on site, but no tire changer

Standard Tech rules apply

We run non stop from 12:30pm til dark

Here's the details

Gates open 11:00am, first car rolls at 12:30pm

Drivers meeting and course walk at 12:15pm

Drift/Drag $50.00

Drag race only $25.00 (heads up flagged on the front straight, prizes awarded)

Spectators $10.00 at the gate

Any questions, call Myrtle Beach Speedway at 843-236-0500, or PM me on any forum you find this posted.

Presented by DriftMB, FERDwear, Blacks Tire Service and Myrtle Beach Speedway.

Track location is 4300 Highway 501, Myrtle Beach , SC 29577

See you there.
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thanks for the pics!! I'll most liekly be at the MBS event o nthe 17th
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