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I have a bunch of extra parts from 2 NA's I had. I no longer have a Miata and I have no use for them anymore, THESE ARE THE ONLY PARTS I HAVE!

Come take all my parts for $100!! If you sold the parts individually you could make $300-400. I just need room in my garage for my other project.

CL ad:

1.8 intake pipe (modified to make it look a little cleaner, sealed very well though)
OEM pressure plate. has alot of miles left on it
driver door with a little damage and some bondo, no window or regulator or motor
1.8 motor mounts with metal housing
AC pump some AC piping will be included
cruise control from 1.6
rear diff brace from a 96, will not fit 90-94
1.6 cat
engine harness from 1.8
1.8 throttle body
1.6 throttle body
1.6 calipers (fronts only)
1.6 rotors
airbag sensors
seat belt brackets
door handle
6" speakers
side panels, not cut for hardtop or harness bar, no scratches and still in good shape
2 sets of spark plug wires
Etc etc

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Thread moved. Please provide photos or it will be locked shortly.
Was in a hurry when I made the post, I'll get pics when I get a chance that's why I posted the CL ad and the fact that I'm on my phone doesn't help either but when I get home and on my computer I will post a few photos

the craigslist ad you posted was from your log-in management its not an actual CL ad. update the URL please!
sorry about that, got it updated now
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