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I've been trying to work out something regarding this, so figured I'd tack it on this thread. :)

I'd really like to have a look something like CE28N's :D
I can't go to 13"s as I have a 1.8, so the brakes are too big :(
And I won't be able to get away with being quite as extreme as his as my wheels will need to be wholly within the arches, as it's illegal for them to be outside here :(

I'd also(here's the on topic bit) like to keep the offset as near to stock as possible, so I was wondering if I can go to something like 14x8 with a 40mm offset?
Will they fit?
Or will I be constantly rubbing the inside?

Does the maths work in the simple fashion that I think it should?
i.e. can I measure from the current wheel face to where I would like the wheel to be, multiply that by 2 and then subtract the difference in offset to work out what width wheel I'd like?
some 13" wheels fit on 1.8 brakes. such as ce28n's rota rbs
13x8 -4 offset

sorry back on topic guys :oops:
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