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Hey guys, I got my miata last November. My dad bought it from a local auction.

Had 174K on the gauge
Salvage Title
Was red, got repainted black (but the inside of the trunk and engine bay are still red, along with inside of the doors)
Two 10' subwoofers w/ box in the trunk (will take upload pic tomorrow)
Kenwood Amp
1 shock was replaced
Belly Pan Missing
Red Gauge hood/Tombstone/Centerconsole
Goofy looking bumper glued onto original bumper
Cracked rear panel
Exhaust leak(plunges weren't aligned correctly, had to have them welded)
Ripped carpet interior
Orange pedals
Red reflectors
Painted black M edition(?) wheels. Seems like he didn't bother spray painting it, more like brushed the paint on since there's a bunch of bubbles on it.
Red Calipers

Current Goal: Get this thing all the replacement parts needed

Don't have many pics of when we first got her, but here's the goofy bumper.

Anyone know how to get this thing off?!

First thing I did was strip the interior down to clean all of it

Pretty straight forward, but then...look a dirty nasty pipe with old stuff in it!:phillyb:

Got the carpet out without removing the dash since it was cut for some reason.

I put everything back together after tons of scrubbing and vacuuming and I felt clean :mrgreen:

March 2012:

Got a GV style lip from ebay, pretty happy with fitment. Also went to a local junkyard and got a pair of smoked signal lenses since my passenger side fell out and shattered into little pieces.

Removed those orange pedals

Also tried polishing the rear plastic window with a plastic cleaner compound.

*other things not pictured: tires replaced and OEM cat replaced.

Will be updated regularly with minor things as I am still a high school student with a low

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Welcome to CR. Those projectors are probably going to have horrible light output. I'd reccomend the regular h4 housings as an upgrade over stock. I've had mine for a few months and they look great.

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Wow. Haven't updated this in awhile. Well, here's pretty much an instagram photo bomb of what's happened to my miata in the past year or so.

-Got rid of those ugly ebay headlights and went with the bosch headlamps from flyinmiata.
-Raceland coilovers(broke)
-Hardtop (first plastidipped then painted some sort of black)
-Hardtop brackets
-Rattlecanned my wheels teal
-Corbeau bucket seat
-Evil Genius Racing Rollbar (from group buy)
-Gold shift knob and crown royal shiftboot
-AK Ver 1.5 Carbon Fiber Trunk
-Project G Bikini Top and Hardtop Spoiler
-Rattlecanned wheels white
-TSI's from Static Nine Garage
-Function and Form Type 1 Coilovers

Tried listing all the things I've done so far in order. Majority of it has been bought used off craigslist or the forum. Forgot to mention other little things here and there, but on to the pictures.

How the car sits today. Without the hardtop spoiler(still have to get it on).

Flame suit on.

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Hm, so almost a year has passed since I updated this...

To begin, I threw a rod through my engine block last year so I swapped in a 93 1.6 with 160XXX on it. Daily drove her around, blahblahblah. The pictures say a lot more than words can. Oh, one exciting thing that happened was my wheel wasn't torqued down all the way and it came off as I was slowing down to pull over to check them. Other than that, not much can be said about her.This is more of just a photo dump if anything. There isn't any specific order.

Now here's some pictures.


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May 2014 Current Modlist:

Garage Vary Replica Lip
Takata Style Harness
Bride Style Bucket Seat
Nardi 330mm Black Suede with Red Stitching Steering Wheel
NRG Slim Hub w/ V2.0 QR and hub lock
Autokonexion Carbon Fiber V1.5 Trunk
Autokonexion V1 Flares
Rota Shakotan's 15x9 0 Offset with 205/50 tires
Function & Form Coilovers
Turn Signal Intakes
OEM JDM Fog Lights
RyokuRob Front Tow Hook
Gold Shift Ball Knob or the giant Bubble Shift Knob
Crown Royal Shift Boot
Rear Bumper Cutout
Evil Genius Roll Bar
Stripped Interior
Project G Bikini
Softtop delete
EBay Exhaust

Will be modding the interior a little bit in the next coming weeks since I haven't really bought anything for her recently except an oil change. Also the hood is a work in progress as it's basically a blank canvas for my friends and I. ;)


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So as you've noticed, my hood is white. Instead of painting it back to black, I decided to take a different approach to it. The original plan was to draw Daft Punk on the hood but we kept putting off the project and I eventually found an old Love Hina manga sitting around. Hence the trial and error madness of my hood. I will be redoing it so that it goes from corner to corner and the other side will be a bunch of random drawings. Also found a pair of googly eyes and put them on for shits and giggles. Went to a meet in San Leandro today but it was meh. Found out I didn't use enough adhesive so some of the pages were coming off the hood on the freeway but only a couple pieces actually ripped off.



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Want to see this Love Hina hood, but pictures aren't working.
I've got one of those unicorn masks too!…and the horse mask…and for some reason a pug mask as well.
Should be up now :)

My friend wears his unicorn mask at random times... He wore it to a rave one time and someone else with the same exact mask came running up to him hahaha
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