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xpesrx, it would be helpful if you could use the tags so that we don't have to copy and paste an incomplete url into our browser's address bar. Also, for some reason your site is not compatible with Firefox browsers.

Direct Link

It appears that you act as a broker for getting RS Products and Nakamae stuff in the US. Could you maybe give us an overview of how your service works and what customers can expect regarding lead time, payment methods, what type of shipping services are used and whether the customer pays for all shipping & customs duties from Japan or just shipping from a west coast port (LA) to doorstep, return policies, is this a part-time side business run out of your home, customer testimonials and/or references that can vouch for you, etc.?

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Yep. You are right. The site isn't completely compatible with firefox. But does work with MIE.

I have developed relationships with guys at both companies and found I can get their products over for less cost than other retailers... Benefits of using for these products -
- I was able to showcase their products in english on my site
- I go through the financial headaches involved in purchasing things from overseas so customers don't have to.
- and, of course, cost

Turn around time depends on availability. But average, I have found RS Products takes about 2 weeks and Nakamae takes 3 - 4 weeks.

If you speak/read Japanese or know someone in Japan, direct is the way to go. If you don't, we are here.
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