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Anyone in SoCal work at a car dealership (or know someone who does)?

Mr. Woolery's looking for someone who works at a car dealership who could "arrange" for his one-day use of a dealer plate to legally drive his Ariel Atom from his home in Whittier to the Crystal Cove car show on Saturday AM.

Whoever helps him out will be invited to ride shotgun in his Ariel for the day.

Dave is having modem problems and can't get online so call him ASAP if you think you can help him out:

H 562-947-5355
C 949-278-3746

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may be stupid question. . .but why not use plates from another car. . .as long as ur minding ur buisness i doubt a cop would do a plate check on the car. . .though i wouldnt be surprised if u get pulled over to be ask'd "what is that???"
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