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First up...

Spirit Road

A few months back, I got to do a horn button / badge / logo collaboration with Spirit Road. Kevin has allowed me to put his logo in my store, so now anyone who wants to be a part of Spirit Road can show their support.

There will be badges in the next few days/weeks as well. And maybe a second design of the horn button.

Grab your Spirit Road horn button in the revlimiter Store.

and then... there's

DOGE Horn Buttons!

This started out as a custom order and I had to put it in my store right away. I can't believe I didn't think of doing this myself ages ago when I did the gauges.

DOGE comes in 4 flavors: Wow, Rocket, HotDOGE, and Borkborkborkrbrk

Claim your DOGE horn button at my store.

Thanks again Kevin and Eric. Stoked to have these new buttons to share with people. :icon_cheers:
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