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Spontaneous decisions are always the best. $1680 anywhere in Cali!

What we have here is a set of wheels straight from the motherland. So Japanese, the instructions to put on your wheels is straight useless. These things gleam like no other, and have been babied like no other, but lets not count the random little knicks from the damned road, they aren't bad anyway. Why would you NOT want to own a set of some of Japans iconic wheels? Buy these, and you are guaranteed to be floss-daddy of your street, the women love these.
So what are the sizings on these babies? 15x8 et-3 4x100. To translate that, its a fat lip, and perfect dope-poke. You want to know something else kick-ass? I still have original boxes, and YOU can also have them if you buy these. You want center-caps? You can have those too. Oh, you want hubcentric rings TOO? They're yours.

So who wants to be the new floss-flossah of your streets?
$1600 - picked up in Sacramento Caliii, will ship at buyers expense.
No trades.


Tires not included, sorry. Those would be a pain to ship, plus you wouldn't get the awesome Work boxes included.


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Wow really nice wheels. What size tires u have on them?
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