spray dye

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ive seen this stuff at the local autozone/pepboys/etc its flat black dye for seats, carpet and all.
has anyone used it?
my 90s top has spent most its life in the down position (as any good roadster should have) the problem it created is most my carpet has been reduced to a blueish grey/black color from the original black
i was thinking about picking up a can as a temporary fix untill I can afford a nakame quilted interior kit, but i dont want it to come out looking ugly, even as bad as the black and blue fade looks now
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I assume you are referring to the carpet dye? It does work. I used some years ago. I'd guess you'd find it hard to paint inside the car. Be careful of overspray.

It maybe crunchy at first but it will make it black again. BTW, look on the pointy board. This has been done before.
if you want to experiment. why not try the clothing dye they have at your local supermarket? those shouldn't have glue in it. so no crunchy feeling. for cloth material.
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