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I've owned these wheels for a little over 2 years now. 15x7.5 ET +6 square set.
Recently refinished by Love20Bee in SoCal and ceramic coated. Wrapped in 195/50R15 Federal SS-595 with lots of tread left.

Includes 5 total centercaps: 3 of one style, and 2 of another. I've had bad luck with them falling off.

Also comes with 5mm spacers required for clearing 1.8 brakes. I'm running 5mm spacers all around in the pictures below.

I believe these are an older set of MK3s based on the stamps (or lack thereof) on the faces
and that two of them originally had a smaller centerbore not listed on the SSR website.
The original stickers on the inner barrels are no longer intact after having them refinished,
however I have pictures of the stickers on all 4 wheels from before they were refinished.

Looking to get SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD picked up in Modesto, CA.
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