Still a noob

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So... uh.... funny story. My desktop died and took with it all my bookmarks and stuff and I totally forgot about this forum. I ran across a post on Miatanet just today and was like "OH YEAH!!!!! THOSE GUYS!" So here I am. Didn't it used to be or something like that?

So let the beatings begin. I forgot all about this forum and I deserve it. Don't spare the whip. #-o :oops: :shock:
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Welcome back, Adam! I was wondering where you'd gotten off to :)
what a slacker, how could you possibly forget about US!!!!!

wow, yeah we changed the name a LONG time again.

welcome back, again, for the 2nd time, this time bookmark us in your brain.

You all call these beatings?! LOL

Yes, I hope to bookmark this place in my brain. OH! I could put a link on my homepage links section....
welcome back and thank you for the NACA install guide.
Heh, no problem. I saw your duct in a few other threads and was like "That looks familiar..."

I recently designed a NACA lid for Stephen (xflashjr) of flush headlight fame. I believe he'll be doing it out of CF. Should be a cool thing for those who don't want to hack/bondo a lid themselves.
When we talk about Roadster Muse I often think of your car. You've done so much to your car and your website documents it so well. Your custom gauges are some of the best I've ever seen. One day I'll probably go with RS Products gauge faces. That is unless I can convince you to print me off a copy of your gauges without the SAMPLE text across them.
ME?!? You think of my car? I'm humbled. Seriously, thanks.

As for the gauges.... the printing of them isn't really the hard part. It's the lining up the 3 layers, then the spray gluing, then the cutting them out. If you'd like, I'd happily GIVE you my Illustrator artwork. I just want to print more gauges about as much as I want to give self-piercing a try.
Hey Adam! I'm still a nOOb too. I'll be out there around xmas, maybe we could do something. You see my dad more than I do.
Hey Sam! Lets definitely get together. I'll be back in town after the 13th of December (going to Hawaii). Gonna bring the FM2? I've heard many many things about it from your pop. :)
Ha Ha! I'm Chris, Sam is one of pops other sons. No, I'll have to borrow one of dad's FM cars, I'm toting the family out in the MPV. My son just turned 2, I'm not looking forward to a 10 road trip with him.
DOH! Right. Chris. Sorry... I was thinking Sam was another one. How embarrassing.

Still looking forward to seeing you and having a beer or something.
DOH! Right. Chris. Sorry... I was thinking Sam was another one. How embarrassing.
looks like your brain needs a new harddrive too, youve lost all kinds of info!! :shock:

hahaaa j/k
It's an easy mistake. Dad is Sam Jr., brother is Sam III, then Rob, then Me. As often as you see my dad he probably refers to all of us wrong and caused the confusion. :wink:

Dude we met in early 00' or 01', I don't remember which Miatas at the Ranch you went to, but it's been too long. Beer sounds tasty.
I remember MSR III (I think it was 3), meeting you, Dan & Danni Pedroza, & most of the guys from the old board. My brain isn't that far gone yet.... really! Ok, so maybe it's half missing.
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