Stock Headlight replacement options

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Im looking for something to replace my stock round headlights. I dont want a lo-pro or flush kit, I dont have the money to shell out for that, and I kinda like the stock light setup.

I was having some electrical issues last friday and blew out both my silverstar low beams #-o and I only bought them maybe 2 months ago!

Thought about getting stock looking type lenses, but with replacable bulbs and putting yellow bulbs in, but most of the time I drive at night its on the way home from the bar, and thats the last time I want to get harrassed by a fine officer of the law.

I like the diamond cut and projector style lenses on ebay, but I doubt they are SAE compliant. It would be nice to have something that will pass the yearly safety inspection, but wouldnt really mind if I have to have a spare set of stock ones in the garage for that time of year. What I definately want is plug and play. I dont want to have to cut or splice wires, because I need to have legal lights on there once a year.

What does everyone have? Pros and Cons? Pics? Any suggestions? Thanks
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From another post:

I like the free form lams; these appear to be US legal, and not too badly priced.

A lot lighter than stock, due to their all plastic construction.
I got my e-Code setup from Sesquehanna MotorSports. I got the 7" lens with 60/55w (nearly stock rating) Hella H4 bulbs. It's not technically DOT approved, but is actually better because it puts more light on the road and keeps it out of the eyes of other drivers.

The SMS folks are very nice to deal with. I am not affiliated in any way other than being a satisfied customer. I got a bad bulb the first time, and they were only to happy to send me a new one free of charge, for example :)
A fair few of the Roadsters coming over to the UK have been retro-fitted with Cibies in Japan; I've noticed on these, estimating them to be 4-5 years old, the mirrors on the reflectors badly rusting. Both of my first two Roadsters came with Stanley lamps (Raybrig is a brand used by Stanley for the aftermarket); superb lamps if you can get them.

Check out what the 4x4 fraternity use; 7" bowl headlamps is a very common fitting, and these guys are inot their high power lamps.

60/55W is stock rating over here, and in Japan. European MX5s are sold with Koito headlamps, with seperate bulbs.
cool cool, I will look into some of these.

I like those ones with the clear lenses, but have heard many good things about the e-codes as well.

If it looks stock, they probably dont look closely at it during inspection time, but if it looks aftermarket I'm sure they would be more than happy to fail me for my "illegal" headlights. Unless of course they are actually legal and marked as dot approved like the ones you posted roadsternut.

I am going to look for the Trucklite 27004 Headlamp Kit, see if I cant find a place that sells them with a more up to date website, aka newer than 2001
How about a pair of repro p700 that use H4 bulbs? If you are going for a retro look. I've seen these on e-bay, and a few places on the web...
On my last NA I ran some hella H4 housings with i think the 55/100 Hella bulbs. the thing lit up the road pretty darn well. They didn't look all fancy, but they worked really well.
How about a pair of repro p700 that use H4 bulbs? If you are going for a retro look. I've seen these on e-bay, and a few places on the web...
those I did see, and they look money. Im just not sure if I want the tri-bar look or not, my car is more of a modern style I suppose and not so much retro. good thing theres lots of options out there for me.

I ended up just going cheap for the moment, because I needed the lights, didnt exactly like the idea of running the high beams 100% of the time. sylvania xtralites, but I'd like to get another set with changable bulbs. and then ill have the basic lights to swap on for inspections too.
Like Bryan, I have 7" Hella E-codes. (55/100w)
I got mine from R-Speed (<$100) and no problems with DOT Inspection or Police.
The '92 has Cibie E-codes, but I prefer Hella's pattern.
Hella has flat lens' and Cibie are more like stock.
The DOT Hella's are junk.
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