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Hey guys - I wanted to let you in on a guy Iv been dealing with called Jesse Streeter.

Some of you may know him or seen him in video's etc. His local circuit is Meihan and there's loads of pictures of him drifting his PS13 with team burst etc. Anywho I have been emailing him back and forth now for a few months and got a few bits from him.

His prices are super decent, his delivery times are quick and he'll go out his way to help you out. Just dont bombard him with "HOW MUCH FOR THIS HOW MUCH FOR THAT" etc and just waste his time. (This happens alot with import/export and its annoying as hell!)

Anyway if your serious about getting parts, or stuck on where to look.. go to him. Im going to be going to him before RHD now as im hacked off with RHD's mark up and the bad attitude I got off them when asking about Arios parts.

His site:
His email: [email protected]
His car.. Or one of them.

Top guy - Fire him an email, tell him I sent you. :)
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