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Well, not a Miata, but possibly one of the most famous Roadsters in the world (only you didn't know it). Some of Johnnie McCormacks eclecticvideos featuring his Roadster, plus other cars from his stable. Some of the hillclimbs are the same ones I did over the years.

At Nutts Corner, Northern Ireland; lunatic "testing" day. Scuze the sound.

At the 'Ring:

Why is this car so "famous"; well the attention it received in "You and Tour Miata"....

No Roadsters; Johnnie is in a Alfa 75, but one of the most photogenic hillclimbs (looking out between the rocks to the Atlantic):

I never got around to Drumhorc, but heres the 3.0 V6 Alfa:

In a Ford Puma; done this wee drive many a time:

Cultra, my first hillclimb, in a 91 Roadster, but here featuring the world's least likely hillclimb weapon:

The fella I got the original SAZ9961 off of:

NC metal roof demo:
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