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STUFF! NB2 sport brake pads, SS steering wheel bolts, windblocker

FS in Sacramento, CA. I will ship the non-tiny items via USPS flat-rate priority within the ConUS. You can expect to get items 2-3 days after I ship. I will provide delivery confirmation/tracking. PayPal only, unless you're local, in which case cash only. ;)

1. Cobra steel side mounts.

FIA approved laser-cut 4mm SR275 steel. These have 290mm spacing, so they should work with most aftermarket seats (Sparco, OMP, Corbeau, Bride, Recaro, Cobra (obviously)). If you have any doubts about whether they'll fit, you can measure the holes on your seat with a tape measure or ruler. Powdercoated black with gray "Cobra" logo. These are used but in good condition; some marks from mounting and use, but still in quite nice condition. These are $120+ shipped online.

$60 + shipping. SOLD & SHIPPED

2. Wagner Thermo-Quiet NB2 Sport brake pads.

These are OEM-level semi-metallic pads, part number MX890. I bought them because I thought my pads were fried when I pulled off my wheels the night before a track day. Turned out my pads were fine, and I was just tired. :fp:
New at O'Reilly they were about $55-60. They're still new in box. I'm asking $45+shipping.

3. Stainless steering wheel bolts.

I have 2 sets, one in 12mm and the other in 15mm. They will work with Nardi, Momo, Sparco, etc.

$7 shipped per set of 6.


These are apparently quite rare now. $6 shipped per sticker? SOLD & SHIPPED

5. A tan NB windblocker

These can fit on NA's too, with a little modification. I have a harness bar now, so this thing is useless to me. It's been packed up and ready to go for months. It's in fine condition. The mark on the left is from the seat rubbing, and may clean off. I didn't really try. ;)

$25 + shipping.


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PM sent regarding the seat mounts.

Just to clarify, there is nothing application specific (i.e. NB Miata) about those mounts, correct?
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