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Here is a picture of my NA. I bought it recently and these wheels came with them. they are RSL "richochet" ? 16x7 40 offset.

they're good condition and nice i suppose, but i don't feel like they match the car. I think that 1, 16's are too big for an NA, and 2, it just seems to ruin the look. They seem so....2003. and cheesy. But maybe I'm just being influenced.

I am planning to trade these for OEM daisy's.... hoping I won't regret it.
Eventually I will get nice wheels like some 15x8. but for the time being it's either I trade, or keep em. I'll be trading for daisy's with good tires. currently I have no cash for new tires, but these RSL's need them.

What are your opinions? Keep them? or trade them?


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trade trade trade. Might have better luck trading on craigslist for a set that came off a mini or civic or other miata. Just my $0.02
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