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mondo bored at work so quicky non-update. been driving the car as much as possible, finally found my battery tie down and some other little bits that got lost in a recent move. Its nice having a car that’s mostly together and not a basketcase so you can focus on the little things.
recently final bout hosted a car show that my car was accepted to. This is about a 2.5 hour drive from me, the furthest I have ever driven the car. I installed new e-codes because the headlamps that were in the car were terrible.

Because of the poor quality of roads in Milwaukee, I raised the car about 1.5cm for a safer journey. Still bottomed out on the way there but not as hard. I plan to lower the car a smidge in the future before my next alignment. Additionally my friend gave me a ride in his s14 and I knew I had to drive USAir before I die.

As soon as I got home from final bout I got to work prepping my car to drift on the local skidpad. Fortunately there wasn’t much to do other than mount a fire extinguisher and get some reservoir socks. I also had to mount a set of tires to my spare mk-iii, which are 7j +0 and 7.5j -6. 185/55r14 is pretty easy to get on by hand so I just paid to have the fronts balanced. Fitting tires in a miata is no fun.

Pictures with 7j and 7.5j:

My friends came to support me my first time out on the skidpad, only for the car to explode the pressure line for the power steering 3 runs in. I got a replacement from NAPA and installed it last night, bleeding the system and taking the car for a shakedown later today. If all goes well, I will be attending the skidpad day this Friday as well. The goal is to drive a skidpad day every week until the season is up or until I break the car significantly. I am hoping this practice in conjunction with some “sim” driving will prepare me to drive USAir next year.
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