Sunday 5/7/06 meet @ noon @ Super Autobacs in Stanton, CA

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OK, let's do an impromptu meet @ Super Autobacs this Sunday at noon. We can hang out for a while then get something to eat.

My Miata isn't running, I'm driving a white Ford SUV.

See if you can park together so I can find you.

If you need to find me, my # is 714-724-2220

See you there!


Super Autobacs is in Stanton, CA at:

12645 Beach Blvd., 2 Blocks North of 22 Freeway


Store website: Super Autobacs
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Who's in?
I'll be there, I live just down the street from Autobacs. :p
Sure, I'll be there.
I'll try to make it, but I'll probably be there around 1 though. Have to install a set of sway bars for a friend.
ill see if i can make it... today im gonna insall my AGXs and help my friend remove a mexican installed sound system from his newly purchased but used WRX.
i will try to make it down tomorrow...depends on how quick my friend can learn how to drive stick. (no worries, not on my na8c! :lol:)

sounds like a fun and small meet...

I'll be there.

Got to run some errands, but I'll try and make it...
cool! i'll be there! this is gonaa be my first official meet! hahaha! its gonna be an hour drive. does anyone want to caravan? i live in northridge.
Too impromptu for me, I took overtime yesterday and today is family day as a result. Sorry...
was gonna go but instead ended up going to the EIBACH / Honda meet. any one have pics>?
was gonna go but instead ended up going to the EIBACH / Honda meet. any one have pics>?
Why would you go to a Honda meet...? :|

jk :wink:

A lot of pics were taken, I'm sure they will be posted up later tonight. It was a fun day. Talked about cars, went into Autobacs to watch DVD's and look around, then ate some Red Robins. That BBQ burger was so good. \:D/
Yeah, that was an awesome meet. It was nice meeting all you guys :D

Now let's see those pictures!
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