Sunrise with the bends part 2. (56k go eat a sandwich)

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so i haven't slept in a day in a half no big deal ahaha..

went up for a drive with Frank, Dicker, & Justin.

here's some pics.

at the top letting the cars cool down.

Frank's s13, my roadster, Justin's roadster, and Dicker's roadster.

took this pic myself sunrise.

an overview


an overview shot from the ridge.

riding shotgun in Dicker's car.. Frank riding shotgun in Justin's car.

no photoshop :)

letting the cars cool down again.


the ridge.

thumbs up to the crazy old man in the 240z. "Don't ever look over your shoulder..."

"LOL" for no sleep FTW!

enjoy the pics.

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Looks like a beautiful morning, and looks like fun. :D Sorry I missed out guys, but health > twisties.
Fun morning. Did you end up having breakfast?
- Justin
no, we bitched about it for a couple of minutes and went home.

so whats this store you had to open up?
jewelry store project I have going on in Placentia
Jewels by Justin. I need to update!
beautiful scenery man, makes me wish I still lived out there cause at least I can appreciate it now. moved when I was 5. haha but the po-po isnt all over me about my modded car. suckers!

j/k :mrgreen:
Jewels by Justin. I need to update!
Hey! Welcome aboard the forum. This is Linh, I met you a few weeks back at GMR. :)
Jewels by Justin. I need to update!
Man i will get that vid of that "SLOW" run up on you tube in a little bit, was fun runing it with ya. My ass is still clenched together from that one run scary ****!!!!HAHAHA

Oh yeah we bitched out on breakfast, i hadent' slept the night before either so im going on like 8Hrs of sleep all weekend.

Good times.

Best quote eva "brakes just slow you down"
i just woke up from a 10 hour sleep..

still thinking about this morning oh my. ahahah
Those pre-dawn pictures are eerie beautiful. You went at the best time to do togue runs because all the drifters and street racers have all gone home, the sport bike riders haven't woken up yet, and cops are at the end of their shift sitting in an office doing paperwork and not out looking for Roadsters tearin' up the mountains.
It was an awesome experience in the least. I missed seeing you up there Linh! Derick thanks for putting together a great run, there's nothing like the sound of those engines banging off the canyon in unison. Frank you're a really good driver, especially the way you were able to handle that tank! Back in a Miata you'd drop at least 20 seconds on the GMR section, and I bet a minute on Ridge! Andrew, wow, your Miata is CLEAN! I liked the "quick disconnect" theft deterrant system = ) All in all a great way to spend a sunday morning! This is my first time out with these guys, and anyone else who hasn't had the pleasure you have one of the greatest treats on 4 wheels awaiting you!
Sorry tryin to load it up on YOU TUBE but it's like 3 minutes too long so i have to find a way to edit it. Good time, try to post a pic of mine. Need sleep.

Oh yeah man that tank shotting sparks and fireballs. LOL still think im too "ROUGH" turning in with that car, and boy those freaking 20 Dollar all season sucked ass. Oh well maybe i can pick something nice up to run with ya. But you can have Ridge Road, that is all you'res my friend.

Sleep PEACE. Vid up soon
any update on that video?
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