Super Seal tie rods

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Hey guys,

I bought some rods from someone in the US, They increase lock and I got into a crash on Friday and one of the rods is now bent in half :( So.. Where can I get new ones? I cant remember where I bought them from..

It might of been roadsterdrift but Iv checked on there and no luck.
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BEN!! random but I was the white miata next to you at the project g meet haha. I'm pretty sure the i-concept tie rods are still available. I emailed the guy a loonngg time ago, let me try to find his email for both you guys.

Minto....i love your car and everything else to do with you and your blog <33 *fanboying*

anyway ya, i'll look that up

Boom, Tetsuya Garage. email them, i believe his name is Rod. [email protected]. I believe $190 shipped? Last time I spoke to them though they were out of spacers.

Now don't anybody go stealing (jk it's been done before but still.. go away! lol) my idea of i-concept tie rods, supernow fc tie rod ends AND knuckles....

anyway, good luck in finding those tie rods!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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