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well so far, as of thursday, i've fulfilled one of my childhood dreams ... to own my "affordable" dream car 1990 Nissan 300zx twin turbo although not my dream color (purple) its black and sinister looking lol

In another thread i started here on this forum, i told you guys i wouldn't sell/trade my miata for this car but i proved myself wrong ... i had to have it. i've been in love with this car since the age of 8 (i believe) and i finally have it

the car needs work ... its 21 years old. i know i know "good luck working on the motor" I'm looking forward to it lol

i will be restoring the interior since the PO seemed to not car about anything but the sound of the engine and the purge of the BOV ...

the exterior is almost done

mods on the car:
99 jspec front bumper<<-replica, headlights, tail lights
HKS ss bov
HKS full exhaust system (turbo back)
HKS turbo timer
tein super flex
VOLK racing Winning f-zero
jim wolf ecu
apexy boost gauge ...
Bomex side skirts (I removed these already lol)
Megan racing bucket seats with unknown harness
Bride steering wheel (don't know if its real) with NRG quick release

I'm really looking forward to this car and what the future has in store for us

p.s i haven't given up on miatas ... I'm probably picking up a 91 next week that needs a new motor

warning: updates on this thread will be slow lol I'm a college student, full time dad and underpaid mofo lol

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Thanks guys.

Eventhough this car is much older then what I previously drove and needs more work/restoration, I feel its an upgrade

The HKS sticker/s will be coming off along with a few other things I'm not to fond of

Plans for this car:
Daily driver
Sell current wheels and buy something more appealing to me (remember my miata :D )
Restore the interior and bring it up to date.
Hopefully have the motor rebuilt with new internals,turbos and a few other goodies by this summer and have the engine bay steamed cleaned along with the under carriage
Add a few more goodies to the exterior
Be one of THEE baddest z32s around my valley

Things always change so let's see what the future holds

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Looks mean. What are the specs on the wheels? Migfht be interested in them when you plan to sell :)

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Sean- here's a thread I started regarding my wheels
I still haven't got a chance to verify

Jspade- that'll be taken care of with the rebuild ;-)

Jerry- ironically my gf shares the same love I do for this car. Apparently her dad had a few z32's as she was growing up so she loved the idea when I mentioned my plans to her ... to bad her dad hates me with a passion lol

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Nice score! I love those 300zx's
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