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We now have the SuperMiata airdam in stock for the NB1 (99-00). 90-97 will be ready in about 6 weeks. NB2, (01-05) in about 8 weeks.

The design goals were, in order of priority:

1. Reduce aero drag
2. Reduce aero lift
3. Be inexpensive
4. Not destroy the front body work if it gets hit
5. Be lightweight
6. Be easy to add an undertray or splitter to
7. Improve cooling
8. Not be too fugly

This is a racing part so it comes with no warranty or instructions. It fits very well but don't expect a show car piece. It's designed to be lightweight and flexible so as to come apart if it gets a direct hit. It will not take the bumper (and everything attached to it) along with it.

I recommend three small 4m nut/bolt fasteners to attach it. One in the radiator opening, one on each tip near the fender. Small washer on outside, fender washer on inside. You want the fastener to pull through the FRP and not pull the OEM bumper off with it. The underside has a small 2" flange to rest an undertray on or attach a splitter to.

In testing, it provides a good aero balance with an APR GTC-200 wing set at 0~8° (relative to groundplane) in the center. To increase front downforce, one could add a splitter between 1-4". I do not have recommendations, tutorials or instructions on splitters. That's a real DIY experimentation thing and the subject of another thread.

We even tore one off in testing and it fractured exactly as it was designed to. Came off without damaging the bumper skin, fasteners still attached to car. So, no nuts and bolts on the track for somebody to find with their $250 Hoosier. Until then, it was solid and balanced the GTC-200 wing. Mission accomplished.

  • Hand laid FRP construction (fiberglass)
  • 4.5 lbs
  • White gel coated finish ( ot available painted)
  • Diverts airflow around 225/45's on 15x9 6UL's
  • 2.5" above ground at 4.25" pinchweld height

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