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Link to all tech articles

We have published lots of tech articles over the years, mostly performance oriented. Let us know if you have any questions.

Car Prep
Maintenance for competition type driving

Prepping your NA/NB for HPDE or racing

Engine - Drivetrain

89-05 Miata electrical connectors

Supermiata Recipe for N/A power

Miata NVH noise vibration harshness abatement

Planning a Mazda MX5 BP (1.8) engine build

Power levels for the Mazda BP

Mazda Miata DIY intake recipe

NA NB Cooling System Performance

How to make the power cap in Super Spec Cup

Tuning power area for SuperSpec Cup

NVH changes with Supermiata light flywheel
Suspension - Brakes

How to choose Xidas for your 90-05 MX5 Miata

NC Sway bar reccomendations

Xida Maintenance

Brake FAQ

Adjusting damping settings on your Xidas

How to choose Xidas for your 90-05 MX5 Miata (download .PDF)

Supermiata Alignment - Miata - Exocet

Discussion on Xida & Fox
Three W's - Race Car Handling Terminology

How to use a tire pyrometer - Setting tire pressures

How to identify 99-05 MX5 Miata Sport Brakes

Picture of proper G-Loc brake bedded transfer layer

How wide a wheel should I get?

FUCA to shock clearance

External links to pages we like

Jim Kasprzak - understanding how dampers (shocks) work

Shops for race prep services

Renderos Racing
Race Prep - Cages - Fabrication - Complete race builds - Hesperia, CA
Race Prep - Custom fabrication - Cages, roll bars -Bay Area

Hiros Auto Repair
Miata specialist in Costa Mesa

West End Alignment
Street and race car alignment, corner weighting and general suspension set up

Blackbird Fabworx
Custom fabrication - Cages- roll bars - San Fernando Valley

Miata gearing spreadsheet
Conversion spreadsheet Useful conversions
Car Performance Calculator

NASA ST/SU Classifier Tool (Courtesy of Ken Brewer)

NASA FoilSim - simulate different wing shapes, lift, drag coefficients

Mazda BP5A-12-420 MSM cam specs

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