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[Alright well payed $1500 for my 91 SE, havent done much yet. Will be a very long project. Will be getting primed and daileyed for a few months while I scavenge the funds to do a complete tear down and get a big porion of things on my list to be done. Will edit as time goes on.

Plans are i wont list...

First day home, and the week I did a tune up, oil, trans and diff, and general inspection of things needed to be replaced.

And one plan that never got done on either of my miata's so was one of the first things I did, custom exhaust outlet in the bumper. Muffler will be placed before diff, and pipe will come up and into the outlet. Well thats the way its planned anyhow, still having problems figuring out how to keep the plate mounted. Will decide if I go a slighlty different route. Second pic is rear bumper cut, pulled the tow hooks, and torched the purches they sat on. As for the bumper support just trimmed enough off, it's still there...

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Havent done much, being unemployed is really kicking my ass. It's deffinetly put a damper on the build. Havent done much, picked up a cluster hood for the nb dash, and carpet. Still need a few switches and the rear deck carpet, and my seats of course. Looking at the bride reps or the f1 spec seats. Oh and trying to decide if I will rerap the door cards or use some abs.
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