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I have some AWD gauges and the AWD A/C panel so those are done.

Does anyone have any info on changing the illumination color on the accessory switches? Hazard, dimmer, foglight, a/c?

Does the cruise light up? I have the amber light for when it's on but the lettering doesn't light up.

Car in question is a 95.

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Here's where you get the orange bulb covers:

The hazard/headlight pop-up switch is easy - remove the switch from the back of the radio surround. On the driver's side of the switch, you will see two places where the bulb holders screw into the switch. Using a small flat-blade screwdriver, turn the holder one quarter turn to the left and the bulb holder, along with the bulb, will come out. Remove the green bulb cover and apply the orange one. You may have to trim the bulb cover a little. I just snipped off the very end (open end obviously) right at where there is a "lip" because the covers were just a tad too long.

Now for the dash switches.

The dimmer switch has the same sort of bulb holder, but it's on the top of the switch so you will have to remove it from the dash first. You have to practically be a contortionist to get under the dash with your hands, but first disconnect the harness from the dimmer switch and then there are tabs on each side, right near the inside of the opening. Push those tabs on each side with your finger and thumb and push the switch out the front (towards the seat). You will do the same for the other dash switches.

The cruise control switch is a little different. There is a bulb in there, but it is clear. Yours may be burned out. The difference is that instead of a bulb cover, there are translucent green "tape" or "screens" adhered to the backside of where the lettering is to let the light through and produce the green coloring. You'll have to disassemble the cruise control switch to gain access to the green pieces. Be careful as there are tiny parts and a spring or two in there. Take pictures so you'll know how to re-assemble everything. Once you have access to the green "screens", use a small pair of tweezers or something to remove them. Then apply an orange cover to the bulb and re-assemble.

I don't have a foglight switch, but I think it would be similar to the cruise control switch.

A/C button:
Remove the radio.
You will have to remove the A/C panel assembly to get to the bulb holder, unless you have tiny hands and are dextrous. I didn't try that as I had already removed the A/C panel assembly.
Anyway, looking at the "insides" of the A/C panel assembly, trace back the light tunnel from the A/C button and you will see, near the electronics for the switch, a place for the bulb holder. This bulb is bigger than the other bulbs we have removed and covered. You will need a larger bulb cover for this bulb:

Re-assemble everything and enjoy.

If you are wanting to make your radio illumination orange, you've got a lot of work ahead of you!

My MSSS1 radio required changing 17 bulb covers!

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Any idea what size the 194 bulbs for the dash are?

I bought cheapo red bulbs from work(Advance Auto), and while it's red... it's dull and lifeless red. I was hoping to get an orange or something.

Thanks in advance
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