Switching Rollbars?

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Has anyone actually tried this? I'm thinking of switching from a HDHCDD to HDHCHT. I'm pretty sure they probably don't have the same mounting positions, so I'd have to re-drill. Most definitely would have to cut the inside panels again as the main hoop comes down in two different places. #-o

Any thoughts?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts's kind of a pipe dream right now though, so I didn't want to waste their time. Unless they have a "core charge" for an old bar, I won't be moving on this for a couple months.
You could sell your old bar to me and pretend it's a core-charge.

I just e-mailed Tom at Hard Dog for you Bryan... I'll post his reply.
Quick reply back from Tom...

How's it going?
The hardtop version installs similar to the Sport. The front mounting holes will be about the same the rear will require some new holes. I get the question about structural integrity when new holes are drilled and it's not an issue. My old red car looks like it's been used for target practice and gets driven daily without falling down into a pile of scap metal! Just caulk the old holes to prevent a leak. The interior panels will need to be cut in two just like the Hard Bar, Sport or Xtreme.
Oh wow...thanks, Rich! I've talked to Tom before; pretty nice guy, I'd say.

Hmmmm...maybe I should just pull my bar now until I figure out what to do and just enjoy the lost weight...
Bryan, take the 7hr drive down here to my place and we'll swap bars. I want a harness bar now that I'll have a plastic window

I'm still iffy on doing it, Alan. Going to invest in a seat mount once the brake issue is fixed, and we'll see where that leaves me.
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