Tab Tuesday Meet Every Tues!626/909

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whats up guys, a while back, i was at the meet, and saw alot of miatas roll in, and now that i have mine too, i'd like to see that again!!! =) and i just read up on the post, so yeah, just wondering if you guys would come out, i'd like to meet/greet the guys in the forum

time:starts 7/730/8 ish

heres the deal: location, Walnut= grand and valley (starbucks plaza) EVERY TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!

-then time passes/till cops kick us out, head over to the new sav-ons (nogales/la puente)(across the street from nogales high school) (juice it up)

- then later ppl head over to I-scream (located on amar/nogales)/(across the street from taco bell) (cause parking is hell there when everybody caravans from the starbucks straight to iscream)

you can leave anytime you want, but im just saying what is going to happen weekly, just so you guys dont get lost, and if you do stay for the whole period of time
-if you're going to attend, please NO revving , loud music, burnouts , drifting, ghost riding the whip, ghostriding the trunk, etc etc,
-one last warning, there was a few instances where, cars have been pulled over(without lights on/front lisc plates, just to give you a fair warning, and to watch out)

- and we'd like to have you guys contribute, eat at one of the plazas, buy a drink at juice it up, or get some ice cream from i-scream, just so cops wont haggle you about solicitating, and to just support the stores, and have them welcome us back

-we're trying to keep the sav-on spot descreet, so if a cop does follow you any time, please divert them somewhere else, pull in to gas station or something use your level 15 evade skills and/or jedi mind tricks


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Not too familiar with walnut.
Got an address or better directions from the 57/60 frwys?
I could make every tuesday. Do you guys go for a drive after?
I Scream is at

2550 East Amar Road
West Covina, CA 91792

meet moved though, i don't know if that's the location you're talking about firstly coupeloop, i've never even been there :lol:
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