TAKATA race harnesses ...

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just scored a pair of race harnesses on Japan Yahoo auctions ...

made by TAKATA in Japan and the only Japanese and green ( to match my car !!! ) harnesses I can think of :lol:


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how much did you get them for?
just under $500 wjoch is about half price ... one is used but in as new condition and the other is new and boxed, I really couldn't justify over $1000 for a pair of harnesses so this seems not too bad and defiantely more JDM flavour than sabelt on willans ...
Awesome. One day I hope to be able to afford 5x what a set of equally good G-Force cam lock harnesses cost just so I can have the look. The green Takata harnesses trigger some sort of chemical reaction deep inside my brain that makes me crave them. Kawasaki bikes elicit the same response.
they'll be triggering some sort of overdraft reaction on my bank account !!!

believe me Kyle I am pretty broke too, baby number 2 is due mid August and I am only allowed to spend what I make from buying and selling car parts on my Roadster !!!

I have so many plans and ideas for my car but such is life they will now have to be done gradually , my car is a long termer for sure
That is a good price. 3 years ago I about bought some off ebay for around that price. I should have bought them. I need some to match my green Re Amemiya wheel.
The thing about used harneses, is that you really have to personally check the condition of the stitching carefully; has the car been involved in a potentially hard stop. If so, I wouldn't trust my life with them. I hope they are ok, as it aseems to me you've paid a lot for them. Particularly when you consider you can get Skoda green Mafnum camlock harnesses from TRS for less than half the new price, brand new, before any kind of discount.
please tell me the harnesses you bought are 5 or 6 point but the sub belts aren't in the picture?

That is a hell of a lot of money to pay for something that could kill you. Not to mention they aren't legal for track use here in the USA without the subbelt...
I've seen people use 4-point harnesses all the time for track use in the USA for vintage races, HPDEs, etc. Of course real racing wheel to wheel with other cars requires that belts comply with whatever organization's rules. Typically this means minimum 5-point belts with SFI and/or FIA rating and not greater than anywhere from 2 to 4 years old.
Beautiful harness!! Now you need the Takata gel-pad$ to complete your set.

BTW you can always add a crotch strap to any Takata 4-pt harness to make it 5 pt. No big deal.
I think it's funny how everyone (myself included) wants to rock Takata harnesses when they were responsible for the biggest seat belt safety recall in history.
My buddy got a set of Takata's for his CRX from Options Auto Salon, man they are dope, in person they are crazy cool looking with all the metallic flakes and such.

Im still gonna go with my Schroth though, man, it never ends does it, hahahaha.

want want want, gimmie gimmie gimmie!

Kyle, when was this recall, i wanna mess with my buddy about it, i told him to get the 6 point like the old ones i had, but he swears up and down that a sub belt doesnt make a differnce.

Mike, you aint done yet, here are the subbelts, and shoulder pads, hahhaha

PhatMiata (^_^)
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It was actually more like 10 or 15 recalls for passenger car 3-point safety belts in the early to mid 1990s. Due to parts sharing nearly every Japanese car sold in the US during that period was equipped with the same seat belts that were determined to be defective.
Andy - One on the harnesses in brand new and boxed, the other is used but I got them to mail me detailed pictures of all the straps and connectors so I am prepared to go for them but I fully understand what you sa about the safety aspect ... I guess the 12 year old belts on my roadster are probably not perfect either though !

Phat - I'll never be done :wink: :roll:
...looks fantastic, what racing seat will you put this on?
i didn't realise the sub restraint was an option that could be added later. Every Takata belt set I have been belted into already had the 5th or 6th points.

I would highly suggest you pick the other points up. You can seriously hurt yourself if you are in an accident with only 4 points.

You may have seen some 4 points during HPDE's, but I bet there wasn't a tech/saftey inspection that noticed they were only 4 points and then allowed them.
I think 4-point belts are no more dangerous than 3-point belts. Both are less ideal than 5/6-point belts. 3-point belts are a compromise designed to make them as easy and convenient as possible to use so that idiots will actually use the darn things. 4-point belts are a compromise for someone who doesn't want to use a race seat that has a sub-belt cushion hole but they still want the added upper body support to help hold them in the seat during aggressive cornering and during a crash. The biggest concern with 4-point belts is the waist belt riding up above the pelvis. It's difficult to properly adjust them to avoid this and during a crash the waist belt may want to ride up. Having a sub belt is nice because it reduces the liklihood of submarining (not a big concern if you sit very upright - we're not driving F1 cars here) but they also help keep the waist belt properly position at the pelvis. There are many things that must be looked at when selecting, installing, and adjusting harnesses. They are a critical safety device. What's "good enough" for one person might not work for another person for whatever reason (cost, rules, risk tolerance, etc.)
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so i agree with everything you waid except for the part about 3 points being just as dangerous as 4.

3 point belts transfer force between each other differently that 4 points. There is a reason 3 point belts are allowed by HPDE, while most do not allow 4 point belts.
found this on HT.
Airbag Club said:
I was browsing ebay, and came across this.. a pair for $450 buy it now..

"Auction is for a PAIR of variant TAKATA HARNESSES Seat Belts model MPH-340R (long version)"

I'm guessing this is the same story as those replica Bride seats, where they are actually manufactured from the Takata factory. In this case, the difference would be the camlock, which looks like a black camlock.. Everything else seems to look the same..

Anyways, here is the link.

What do you think about them??
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