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^ I think you've done more with yours than Peter did with The Blue Potato back in the day. And that's really saying something. My hat is off to you.
Thanks, Adam, I really value your comments.

I plan to do more. Just a few more items I want for my car's interior to be "complete." Beyond those items anything else will just be extra details.
seats look good! Glad they made it over to you.

do they fit you comfortably?
Thanks, btw, for sending my contact info to Garrett. And yes, so far they are comfortable.

They are more difficult to get into and out of. But nothing as bad as something like door bars. And their snugness is felt more in the hips than the waist.

Overall, I think they have worked out quite well for me since I'm only 5'7" with a 32" waist. Which I guess, as the joke goes, makes me comparable to the typical Japanese fellow. Really, in the position I have the driver's seat the left bolster just does kiss the armrest handles on the door and the headrest doesn't touch the seat belt guide even with the Harddog roll bar. Also, with the headrest raised up to the 1st (or 2nd?) notch, the seat belt coming out of the guide clears the headrest and allows me to rest my head against it as intended if I lay completely back.

I'm going to find out how comfortable they are on a road trip this coming weekend on my way to MATG.
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