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Big news! Adam Costa - the man behind the Speed Science documentary that aired a while back - has decided to make a documentary about the Miatas running in the Targa this year. Adam's one of us, a serial Miata owner who will quite probably be using his NC as his beast of burden during the race.

He's funding it himself, but wants to bring along an extra crew member so he can get double the coverage. And in order to do that, he's pre-selling DVDs and posters and the like.

$10: custom vinyl sticker.
$50: a copy of the DVD, sticker.
$100: movie poster (signed by the filmmakers, FM team or nobody - you decide), thanks in the "special thanks" credits of the movie, DVD, sticker.
$250: larger "special thanks" credit in the movie, poster, DVD, sticker
$1000: producer credit in the movie, poster, DVD, sticker
$2000: executive producer credit plus your photo, video or interview in the film, plus poster, DVD, sticker.[URL=%22

We've been working with Adam on this for a while, and we're really excited about it. He's been to both the Summer Camp East at the Walter Mitty as well as our Colorado Summer Camp in the past few weeks.
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