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NASA 25 Hours Of Thunderhill
December 3-4
E2 Class

2011 Thunderhill 25 Hours Media Guide

We have assembled a team of all stars. We have two kick ass cars. We have spent a mountain of time testing and training over the last two years. We are ready.

The Team 949 Racing facebook page will be information central. Most of the team will be making twitter updates during the race that will propagate to the FB page. Anyone interested is free to take stuff from the FB page and post it here.

Team Roster

Oscar Jackson - Crew Chief
John Wing - Engineer (satisaii)
Andrew Kidd - Head Mechanic (savington)
Manny Hernandez - Head Fueler (Neocataboi)
Chris Clay (luder_5555)
Grant Conley
Eric Emerson
Murat Guruz
Chris Klein
Steven Krause (kung_fu_jesus)
Wytt Lusanandana
Nop Lusanandana
Keith Tanner (Keith)

Nitto Tire
Jackson Racing
Carbotech Brakes
DIY Autotune
Injector Dynamics
Keegan Engineering
Mclaren Autobody
Motorsports Squared
OS Giken
ProSpeed RS683
TC Design
Track HQ
The Parts Group
2nd Chance Roadster
Trackspeed Engineering
Boundary Engineering
Pocket Bilt

Nick Buchanan (crashncar)
Emilio Cervantes
William Chen (bellwilliam)
Oscar Jackson Jr
Sean Johnston
Dean Thomas (deano)
Sonny Watanasirisuk (VagaXt)


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Not to mention, forum sponsor Emilio Cervantes of 949racing has masterminded doing this race with William Chen (bellwilliam) for 2 years. With them, members represent about half of the team with other major members from the Miata aftermarket industry are contributing to the effort.

This will be epic!

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YES, very much so. Though Alex of 2nd Chance Roadster will not be able to make the Thunderhill event, he has been instrumental in the preparation of Crusher's sister car for Team 949Racing, Enzo, the red car behind Crusher (orange) in this photo.

2nd Chance is one of our sponsors but I consider Alex a team member, he helps so much.

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Picture taken by Murat Guruz, one of our fuelers Friday 25th at BRP. Dean and Sean were getting familiar with the cars plus some seat time and collecting data. We stuck around 'til after sunset to putt around the track and aim our revised light set up. In this pic, I'm driving and that's John Wing with the crew chief headset.

I love this pic

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