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Does anyone know the spring specs for the Tein Flex springs for an NA? height-width-spring rate would be great.

I was thinking about throwing on my Swift replacement coilover springs when I pick up a new set of flex's:

-Front 152.65.012
-Rear 178.65.010

Do you guys think 12kf and 10kr is a bit overkill for flex? They worked great with my other full suspension (with preload) in my other car.

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^^I wouldn't go higher then 9k front or rear without a rebuild. The Flex comes standard with 7k/6k. I'm running 9k/6k so there's no way it can 12k.

Tein doesn't reccommend you go +/- 2k of the factory settings.

What's this "other full suspension" you speak of?
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