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Holy hell has it been a while. Two years plus. I figured I’d make a new thread here this time because...idk. I figure I’d at least continue where I left off.

Back in 2018, I found out my car had a few shorts. I pulled the dash, the front chassis harness through the firewall (the one with the MAF), and went through the whole rear harness. Found a short in the ECU, the taillights, and the license plate lights.Then I got frustrated and left it, while depression slowly consumed me. Now I’m medicated, and finally getting back at it.

And I might be regretting it. As I started working on it again, I double checked my fuses to make sure I didn’t have any other shorts. I did. These wiring diagrams were very helpful. The fuel pump, starter solenoid, cam angle sensor, igniter, and Circuit Opening Relay all showed ground when the test light was hooked up to power. Also the signal wire to the relay I am using at the fuel pump, which I believe was the original power wire for the fuel pump. Might just bypass that altogether and run my own switch for the relay.

I’m not entirely certain that any of the above parts are supposed to show ground the way they did, but I’m pretty sure your not supposed to see any ground at the fuses. So now I’m out looking for new parts. And trying to remember where everything thing is supposed to plug in. And trying to remember how the HVAC cables connected. And cleaning up the mess it became from sitting around. And trying to find my damn MAF. Where the hell did I put that thing?

If you have any wiring questions, don’t be afraid to ask. I have easy access to most of them right now. If you see any errors in my testing methods or findings, don’t be afraid to let me know.
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