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Alright I got some stuff that I will never need, but hopefully someone does need it.
Prices don't include shipping. All parts came off my 94 m-edition.
Local Pickup in Miami, FL is preferred of course.

stock na front sway bar with bushings, bolts, and endlinks $10 local pickup preferred

All the trunk panels/carpets that you see $10

sun visors $10

charcoal canister with all but the lower rubber line $10

stock brake lines in good shape $10

working clutch slave cylinder with curly hardline and good rubber line $10

working washer fluid tank needs new lines though $10

M edition badges $10 for the set SOLD

stock 5-speed shifter needs the plastic bushings $5

stock tow hooks $5 bucks per set

battery tray and bracket to hold the side of battery $5
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