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Hi everyone

"Maria", my 1994 MX5 1.8 is a so called "Transition Model" (or "Übergangsmodell", if you want to have a go at pronouncing German).
See, in 1995 Mazda introduced a "Facelift" to the German market, along with the 1.8l engine and a driver's side airbag as standard.
In 1994 they made a few cars that were a mixture of pre- and post-facelift pieces.
I got some bits off the facelift-model, like the 1.8l engine, the driver's side airbag, the reinforced doors, seats with separate headrests, etc.
But the car is from 1994, got the "slim" dashboard (without space for a passenger airbag) and (I guess) a few other bits and pieces (don't know the NA well enough to tell details apart).
Now, with there being only so few "Transition Models", does it count as a "rare version" or Limited Edition?

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