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I purchased my first Miata on May 8th 2010. I thought it was about time to start my build thread.

Backstory: In March of 2010 I went back to New Jersey to visit friends and family. When I get there I find that most of my friends are now driving Miata's. After driving one I was instantly hooked an realized what my next car was going to be. After a ton of research and lurking on forums...I came to the conclusion that I wanted an NB. not just any NB but a 10AE...After only a month of searching I found her in Phoenix AZ on craigslist. Called the owner bought her site unseen flew from Denver to Phoenix and drove her 13 hours home...

Picture of me at In and Out fueling up for the drive...

Now for the fun part: My build is going to be mainly a daily driver so I wanted to make it comfortable but add some fun. I knew I wanted more power and some suspension so I picked up an MP62 supercharger from Moss Motors and some Bilstein PSS9's from Good-Win-Racing. Installed and was having a blast....The stock Chrome rims grew old pretty quickly and so a set of 15*9 6UL's were quickly ordered....Wrapped them in rubber and got the put on. What a difference...the car was totally glued to the road, awesome....

The bad :cry2: In July I hit a pot hole and a clip in the engine bay broke loose, next thing I know the wiring harness met the supercharger belt and disaster struck...melted harness, fried ECU, a real mess. After rewiring the harness and purchasing a new ecu and having it flashed by Mazda I was back up and running...but she is not the same...powercards were also fried so I have no control over timing or fuel and so supercharger is pretty much useless...after a slew of other problems I decided it was time to dig in and install some new items and find my wiring problem...

More to come tonight with pictures!!!


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OK so here is an updated parts going in list:

Performance mods:
OBX headers
Roadster 3 exhaust and midpipe
Denso RX8 injectors
Walbro fuel pump
Trackdog Racing intercooler
Mishimoto Radiator
Mishimoto Fans and shroud
Mishimoto Radiator hoses
MP62 SC Pulley upgrade
Adaptronics ECU
Innovate Wideband with Analog gauge
Pro Comp Boost Gauge
Oil Pressure gauge upgrade
Optima Yellow top
Cold Air Box from TDR

Super Performance Mods:
white wood steering wheel
:hello kitty: Horn button (2 extra HP)
:hello kitty: oil cap (3 extra HP)
NRG quick release and shorty hub
eye lids
white gauge faces
Hard dog single diagonal Roll bar (SFI padding)
Hood Dampers
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