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Today I went to Mr.Woolery's garage and with his help and Bill Wilner's help I managed to install the butterfly brace under my car!

The installation was relatively easy - no air tools were used and the car was lifted with jack-stands.

We started around 12:30 and we finished around 5 so it took us about 4,5 hours.
This would be way more if Bill inside the car holding the bolts that I was torquing and if Dave wasn't providing me with his nice tools!
Just to let you know in order to install the brace you have to drill the floor of you beloved miata in many, many times :)
I know it hearts :)))
BTW I was really surprised when I saw how thin is the metal of the floor...I would say paper thin!

You can see pictures of the installation here:

One the way back I saw no big difference with the suspension in the soft mode, but when I changed it to the firm there was a HUGE difference in the way that the car was passing over the (not perfect) roads...
It feels like one piece!
I just can't wait to get some tires (still waiting - 6 months not for the wheels that I special ordered) and push it in the canyon roads!

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Nice job! I am in for those braces too. I didn't know the mounting holes went all the way through the floor. Sounds secure. My car is very flexy with the hardtop off. I love top down driving but what a difference my hardtop makes to stiffness. So, I tend to keep my top on. I keep things stiff too - I've become tired of changing the shock setting and can't wait for something STIFF. the roll bar wil help too.
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