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Just like The PHOTOGRAPHIC/PHOTOSHOP TECHNIQUES for your Roadster thread , except you can only use:

  1. Cell phone cameras
  2. Toy cameras
  3. Cheap (under $100) digital cameras
  4. NO SLR's

Post what camera you used (if on a phone, post what phone and app you used.) Tell us if you used any editing software.

Pictures do not have to stay roadster related.

This thread will help us learn how to make the best of what we have. Cool looking pictures can be had without the use of expensive rigs, it just takes some technique.

This first batch was taken with my HTC Evo and Little Photo app. It has filters and effects you can apply after you take the picture. My favorite camera app.

This picture was taken with my Jazz 207 (toy camera) and some cheap 400 film. You can still buy these I believe, but I've had this camera since I was a wee lad. Personally, I'm a fan of lomo style photography. That's why I love this camera. I wish I used it more often.


Alexander Supertramp
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This is my kinda thread! :lol:

All pictures taken with a Droid 2 and added random filters from PicPlz before uploading.

70's filter no border for these three.

Little Plastic Lens filter w/border for these three.

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