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Ok... I finished going though all the fitment thread and I wanted to slim the tread to what really gets my attention. I'm visual, so here are the rules for this thread:

Do not post pictures without specs! Please include all the possible info you can provide bout your fitment. (tire brand and size, all wheel specs, ride height, pull or roll, alignment, etc)

Do not post questions here, that is what the fitment thread is for. If you need to ask something about a posted image then is ok since others might have the same question. But if the post is well done, there shouldn't be any questions left. Let's keep the comments slim.

Keep comments simple and to a minimum. This is a picture tread not a comment's thread.

This thread can become really useful if we stick to the rules, this way we can all have reference on how the different setups work/look.

Now let's see some sick rides! GO!

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you wanna do this?
go through the fitment thread and start this thread with a bang!
i think you're allowed 20 pics per post, so grab the first 20 you can find that are aesthetically pleasing to YOU (subjective, of course) that also fulfill your bolded requirements.

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here is a good example from the first page.
let's keep this a fitment thread and not just posting pics of cars you like. It'll help all the noobs if you post the wheel specs and tire size. maybe even if fenders were rolled or pulled.

fenders rolled, liner removed.


fenders rolled only.

15x7+3 (inc 25mm spacers) 185/55 Hankook. Averagely rolled guards, only hits over bumps at full lock.

IMG_3595-1 by aidan.cavanagh, on Flickr
Here is mine, 15x7 et0 195/50/15. So yes it will be flush, but not too much. I rolled the inner fender lips flat with the fenders and removed the liners up front. Only time I ever had rubbing issues was turning up a steep driveway.

wheels are gone now...

15x8 +/-0, 195/50, & rolled fenders with a very mild pull.

Personally.. If I had to re-do that setup, I would've ran 195/45.
15x7et35 with 195/50-15 Toyo T1-S tires

195/45-15 Nexen n3000 Rota Grid V 15x8 et0


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More random ones Not perfect, but very informative.
SSR Starsharks (4x100), no spacers.

Front: 14x6.5 + 13.5
Rear: 14x6.5 + 0

Tyres: 185/60/14 (Bridgestone RE001 Adrenaline).

sorry for the shitty iphone pics...
15x8 -10 all around. 195/45 nexens on the front, 195/50 falken 512's on the rear. no rub. pretty decent pull on the rear fenders. im on bc coils. car rides like **** pussy and i love it. that janky gv lip is stitched and replaced on a weekly basis. anything narrower than an 8 with more than 0 offset looks terrible on these cars. ill never be out of the negatives with this car.

Hey guys.
Just had some steelies made up for me.
Suzuki Swift factory steels.

15x10 +10p
195/45/R15 Starfires

Fender roll, No pull/Slight Pull

(Rota Grid V wheels)
Here's a few of mine with it's new wheel/tire setup. Last time I was running 15X8 -12 with 195/50's. This time around it's 15X8 +0 with 195/50's.

15x8 0 et 195/50/15 falken 512

Rear, roll, very mild pull if any.

Front, roll, pull, used magazines to do the pull.

Hope that helps anyone.

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Looks incredible! I like the scale of those wheels, matched with the drop and the fitment it really comes together.

15x7.5 +7 General UHP 195/50-15

Before the pull:

New Wheels by ApexScalpel, on Flickr

Post pull:

_MG_6821 by ApexScalpel, on Flickr

RG_Feature_8 by ApexScalpel, on Flickr

_MG_6628 by ApexScalpel, on Flickr

15x8 +36 225/45 -15 Hoosier R6's (ride height raised .75") The Hoosiers are about 250mm wide on an 8" rim

IMG_7862 by ApexScalpel, on Flickr

IMG_7863 by ApexScalpel, on Flickr
17x9 ET20 205/40
Roll and a slight pull on rear fenders. Fronts unmolested, I just had to cut a bit the plastic liner.

Beating a dead horse, but I accidentally found the perfect height for the 513's without having to roll the fenders at all. I had lowered the car before putting the wheels on and thought I was going to need a slight roll, but I lucked out.

15x7 +15
Tires: 195.50.15

16x8 et10 Rota Grid Offroad (57.1 hub version) on 195/40-16 Yokohama S-Drives. Lot's of camber, though I'm not sure exact numbers yet. Also, fenders are rolled, and yes... it rubs.

I think i can play in here now...
Rota Grid V 15x9 - 15..................................*cough cough* i mean TE37v
205/50s in front 225/50s in rear on autokonexion ver. 1 flares

It's pretty much going to look like this

Nitto Neogen 205 50 15 on xxr 527's

You WILL need a flat roll and a fender pull.
i have 15*8 0 offset with an aggressive roll an pull -5.5 camber in the rear and -3.5 camber front, max caster an 0 toe with 205 50 15's

Now you keep the ball rolling.

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Work Meister Cr-01 15x9 -18
Nexxen 3000 195-45-15
autokonexion version 1 flares
-4 degrees camber front
-5.5 degrees rear


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More fitment images:
This is my old setup. 15x8.5 -8 to -10 ish lol. I pulled my front as much as I could and did a big pull in the rear.
I also spaced out my front fenders just to give me clearance. Like dub said u will need to lower the car a fair bit. Should get like 185/45 all round. And slam

MG_0024 by charlie_2011, on Flickr

MG_0028 by charlie_2011, on Flickr

Got Wheel Gap?
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TRMotorsports C1M 15x7 +30
General Exclaim UHP 205/50/15
No Pull, No Spacers
Dropped on V-Maxx Coil-overs

I use FM's Recommended alignment:

Caster: 5.0 degrees
Camber: 1.0 degrees negative
Toe-in: 1/16" or 9 minutes total (1/32" or 4.5 minutes per side)
Camber: 1.5 degrees negative
Toe-in: 1/16" or 9 minutes total (1/32" or 4.5 minutes per side)​


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Just got these mounted up this last weekend.

Rota Grid Classics 15x8 +0. Fenders front and rear rolled up slightly flared.

Still rubbing up front. Can anyone advise if removing the liner would solve this? Couple of pics of the rubbing are below. Would spacers help?


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Okay this is not a fitted picture but could be of some help. I wanted to show the minimal stretch, and how the tire fits.

15x9 6ul wrapped in 205/50/15 Kuhmo XS


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Thanks maykelcj for including me in your post up there!! I noticed when you quoted my original post, it didn't include my specs for some reason, so here they are:

Basset widened steelies: 15x8 -12
ContiPro Contact's 175/55
Body seams roughly 3" clearance
All fenders pulled max (Eastwood roller)

Front left alignment:
Caster 5.92°
Camber -3.86°
Toe 0.08°

Front right alignment:
Caster 5.87°
Camber -3.77°
Toe 0.04°

Rear left alignment:
Camber -4.30°
Toe 0.06°

Rear right alignment:
Camber -4.31°
Toe 0.11°


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kairojya: Your post is what every post in this thread suppose to look like! Thank you.

Ls1Mx5: Not many people do it cause its hard to fit under the fenders. Look on my last quoted posts there are on black car with blurred pictures and a blue car with some Nitto Neo Gens.

well here's my 1st post...

15x9 et0 on 195 Toyo T1R - rolled fenders and the fender shape still very original :)

Will lower it more as soon as the weather gets better...

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Keep the tread alive!
Might as well pop this hear since the test fit, for people wanting to run 15x9J

Spec: BBS RM 15x9J ET1, 3" Lips

Tyres: 195/45/15 Toyo T1R

Arches: Rolled, pulled, arch tabs and liners removed

Only tested front but camber would be around the -3* mark
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