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So, I am just posting this because it is 3:10ish and I am superduper bored and wanted to see whom else has done as nothing as I have since 8 o'clock this morning. I am currently at work and (boss don't read this) have played games on, read almost this entire forum, pissed around on and even went to the mall stating that I had an appointment and then was going to go find some sales leads... Anyone else as lazy and bored as I? I am merely disgruntled at my job due to the lack of pay for my overly worked 2006 annual trash bonus that should have been substantially more due to the fact I more than doubled my companies assets in the area I work in... Meh, not to mention I was just recently got accepted into art school and am quite ready to begin going there, but have 6 more months to do so... :-({|=
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