the miata wave.........

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you know... of all my years of owning a miata i never got one til like this year somewhere in atlanta and he honked AND waved at me...

nobody really waves at me. most miata owners ive seen (mainly VA) act like theyd ont see me or theyre too good or yeah... they just DONT wave to me!

not cool... 1 part of my new years resolution is to honk and wave and throw flashing lights when i see another miata. maybe theyll say hi to me more.

thats it.

how many times a year do you guys get the "miata" wave.
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Never. Because most Miata owners in Southern California are middle aged old ladies or old men because its a nice cheap convertible.

And because they like wind blockers polished just right.
^^The only ones that wave back at me are the ones that are lowered, and/or have a roll bar. Bone stock ones are exactly like linh described.
I have only got 1 miata wave in 9 months. I usually drive right past a miata at least once a week, about 80% of the time its a very old man or woman, and they are completely oblivious.
yeah well ive past by a lot of modeified or slightly modigfied miatas and they just dont even holler back.
I rarely get a wave, but probably the most frustrating thing is when I usually see another miata enthusiast Im driving my truck :? , all in all I get a wave 4 or 5 times a year
i wave to lots of miata drivers and they wave back 90% of the time

might just be theres more miatas where you live.
Yeah I dont get a wave here in florida, the kinda people I see driving them dont seem to care about other owners. even when I lived in michigan I got nothing.
from now on i think anytime i see a miata wave at me im going to track them down on here (if theyre on here) and send them a dollar. ;oP


i want to feel the looooovve. that gay little wave is so cute and so warming. heh~

i just had too much food and yeah... im a lil weird now.

who invented the miata wave anyway?
just try to wave at a random anybody 2morrow'll likely get a wave back, or maybe the other driver just lack interst in a attractive female.
Miata's already have a very "happy" stigma to it... no need to endorse it by flopping your hand to every miata driver you meet :)
I'd wave at ya if i lived in Atlanta. :)

we don't have many miatas down here in southern Louisiana, so it's kind of an "event" when two cross paths. I've given and gotten the wave a few times now. I usually only see other miatas when i'm in my Honda though. :p
I get a wave from about 1 outa 5 miatas i go by. I like to wave too
ive gotten a few waves, mostly old people driving them around my area thouigh that have no clue what im driving so dont wave lol. i did have an older fellow probably mid 40's with a slightly modified miata ride with me onto the freeway earlier this year and we drove for awhile and then he gave me a nod/wave. also ive had about 3 people pull up next to me in miata's and ask questions about mod's and where to buy etc at stop lights lol.
I thought the miata wave was just when you flashed your high beams at someone so that the lights pop up and blind that got me thinking, how would you miata wave in an NB? (without using your hands, feet, and other miscellaneous body parts)
I don't get waves as I am always driving with my hardtop on! The typical mentalitly in the UK is 'why own a mx5 if you don't have your roof down' :roll:

who invented the miata wave anyway?
The original wave was done with jeeps way back with the first civilian cj. that fizzled out a while ago also.
I get the Miata finger a lot. #-o
Too many older snobby folks here in Florida to get a wave back, they act like they are driving a BMW or something, hahhaa. =;

I actually spoke with another Miata owner from the rival Miata club in town at our annual joint-Miata club meeting, he was in disbelief at all the mods we had done to our cars. :twisted: And not because he thought it was cool either, hahaha he says, and i quote, "i just dont understand why some of you guys would do that to your cars, what is the point? All it does is depreciate the value of the car." hahahha ](*,)

Anyhow, I still wink the headlights on my '96 at them when im out cruising, and every once in a while an owner will wink back, or wave (if they are non-NA).

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