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I have been fighting the JDM battle on 2 fronts. Last May my wife bought a Scion Xb. She had been wanting one ever since we herd that Toyota was going to be bring them over.
Some of the mods include:
-JDM front and rear Bb emblems
-JDM Topline grill eyelid (Had to be modified to fit US lights)
-JDM rear wiper mod
-JDM parking sticker
-TRD Tinted JDM Gas Lid
-Tein S-tech springs
-17" Volk GT-Ns wheels (Yes they are my old wheels)


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awright! I got an xB too. It's totally stock though. Ive been tempted to do something to it... but somehow I just never got as much 'urge' to mod the xB like I do w/ the Roadster.

I sold off a bB lit-up grill and an OD grill last year:

I also sold a set of JDM Zenki bB headlights to a local...

Right now I'm sitting on this G-Square 'shimmer' grill, debating whether to install it or sell it:

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No "JDM'ness" on the daily driver, but we're a full Mazda family. The other car is an RX8 - had a nice 5spd V6 626 before that. Love the RX8 - the more you whip it, the happier it seems to be. :D

That Scion is pretty cool - very clean and tasteful mods. Love the look, and the "utility" of it must be great. :cool:


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this is my 96 integra ls special edition- engine is stock with ss headers, aem intake, 5zigen exhaust. tein ss dampers, type r rear swaybar, autopower 4pt rollcage and a crap load of other goodies. turns out its for sale 5000 obo!

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If we all want to be JDM and JDM wants to be USDM, I have the ultimate JDM(USDM wantabe) rides.

A 03 Honda Odyessey Mini van (not available in Japan)
A 06 Honda Ridgeline (also not available in Japan)

I am a Honda whore. Just traded a S2000 in on the Ridgie, no sense in 2 2 seat cars, and the Miata is much cheaper to buy goodies for.


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haha my other vehicle wishes it was jdm.

black and white style, fat tires. got some fiberglass runningboards with flares I have to clean up and paint and I can go even lower and wider with the tires. goin wingless this year too.

look at that carbon fiber dash, it owns. had an old school grant wheel on there but went with a little newer style.

massive amounts of weight reduction, this thing is a beast now, it could probably take my sisters stock 96 saturn now. That is until I patch the holes in the roof and redo the interior.

1994 4.3L Vortec V6
1" Throttle body spacer
Accel plugs, wires, cap & rotor
K&N filter with drilled out housing
Dynomax High flow muffler, stock tailpipe (rusted out, probably will have to get a whole new system this year)

f-15x8 255/60/15s
r-15x10 275/60/15s (295/50/15s coming up!)
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