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Budget would be under $600...
You can get the Pioneer Andrew Jones SP 5.0 speaker set up at best buy for $285. It's an extremely well reviewed speaker line. Word of warning, you can listen to them at best buy, but they probably won't 'sound' as well as the polks and klipschs they have due to different efficiencies and drivers used between the speakers. The Polks and Klipsches are a more efficient speaker, 8ohm speaker, meaning it will take less power to drive them and have a brighter sound (which will be easier to hear in a noisy best buy)- you will have to turn up the amp to get the same level of output from the 6ohm, less efficient Pios.

That being said, at that price point, I prefer the Pios - can't stand Klipsch (way too bright) and think the Pios simply sound better than my polk r50s (more neutral, easy on the ears).

If you buy anything Bose, you will be mocked.

Buy all of your av wire and cables from monoprice or bluejeanscable

My current budget set up is:
Philips 42" 1080p lcd
Pioneer vsx-921k
Pioneer SP-fs51 fronts
Pioneer sp-c21 center
Pioneer sp-bs21 rear
xbox 360
technics sl-?? direct drive turntable

I have a technics sa-300 stereo and some polk bookshelf speakers in my bedroom

The current wish list:
oppo blue ray player
hsu research or outlaw sub
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