The what you do for a living thread!

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So how do you guys pay your bills?

I'm a graphic artist at a boutique studio in Newport Beach designing and producing really girly things; girls to women's clothes, novelty books, cups, mugs, cosmetic packaging, personal care etc, etc...

...and I drive a Miata. =D>
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i am a tech at the local SEARS but thats only a part time job for now. trying to get my ASEs
Another hint as to my line of work, my old Avatar:


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I even have YOU beat.......Jiffy Lube......but hey, i'm 17 so i can't complain too much!!!
Just retired after 35 years as an Air Traffic Controller.

New full-time job is keeping our 2 Miatas spotless.
Student with about 3 years left to get a mechanical engineering degree(that is if I stay on top of my studies). Also working part job at Macy's.
im in the NAVY! im a hospital corpsman attached to a marine unit. :) Also going to college.
i work in the corporate office for a cell phone company running the whole shipping, recieving, warranty, and inventory maintinance all by myself. it is really fun. sometimes i even get paid to drive around my miata! :D
i'm a network engineer for an apparel company in los angeles, nothing exciting :(
Im a full time student, part time employee at Michaels arts and crafts and now Pepboys. Now you all know my secret.
im in the NAVY! im a hospital corpsman attached to a marine unit. :) Also going to college.
Haha, a pecker-checker. :mrgreen: j/k

From an ex-military enlister myself, thank you for your duty.
I'm in college at Shelton State CC in Tuscaloosa, AL. I am trying to bring my GPA up after not taking college seriously for the last 3 years. I'm transferring to UA and majoring in Mechanical with all this school going on, my job is a crappy one.

I work for a Birmingham based fast food chain called Milo's Hamburgers. I hate it, but its $9/hr. And I'm starting a new job soon working at a private club managing a poker room.....woot!!!!
Dood! You edited Suburbia? You are my idol now! That's one of my favoritest '80s movies. I remember watching it in 1986 over and over and over and over again. :lol:
Right there with you! I thought I was such a cool punk/skater. #-o

I teach kids with Autism all day. Working a public school schedule is great.
im a certified nursing assistant for right now, but at the end of this semester i am getting a full time job as a medic. 2 jobs, 50-60 hours a week, EACH, while only working 4 days a week and i should be able to pay for the toys lol
Studying to be the same as you.

Before, I was a dog trainer, medical biller, loan processor, receptionist, and some other mind numbing job... (Not all at once.)
Sleep, eat, and college.
They say a person changes careers at least 5 times in their lifetime. Let's see:

1) Criminal Justice major at UCONN (wanted to be FBI so bad)

2) Car audio and alarm installer

3) NAVY- Jet engine mechanic

4) Chef
I'm a full time student in high school.

then i work at vons, but not for long. i finnaly got my letter to join the union...
Im a customer service representative for a company that is running fiber-wire instead of the usual copper. we deal with cable, internet, and phone services. its just getting off the ground after being up for about a year now. im slowly getting trained for a tech in house.

EDIT: I also am part time student in college for general studies, but I think im going to change that to drafting or architectural design next semester.
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